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Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique commonly used by Radiologists and physicians to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a patient through the use of a fluoroscope. In its simplest form, a fluoroscope consists of an X-ray source and fluorescent screen between which a patient is placed. However, modern fluoroscopes couple the screen to an X-ray image intensifier  and video camera allowing the images to be recorded and played on a monitor.

Recent advances include the digitization of the images (which we have at Imaging and Ultrasound Inc.), and the flat panel detector systems also reduces the radiation dose to the patient still further.

Our fluoroscopy unit is primarily used for the following studies:

Barium Enemas, Barium Swallows, Barium Meals, Small Bowel series, Hysterosalpingograms, venograms, cystograms and retrograde pyelograms.

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