Barium Swallow Meal

Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract X-ray (Radiography)​

What measurements do I need to get a price quote?

We need the widest point (the width) and the longest point (the length) to get you an instant price quote. We will also need to know if it's a v berth, or if the mattress has radius or cut corners.

If it's a complete custom shape that cannot be described using the above information, you can email us a rough sketch showing the shape/size and dimensions.

Do you need a template?

95% of the time we do not need a template. A rough sketch and measurements are usually enough. In the rare case that we do need a template, we will send you our EZ-Template kit at no charge.

Can you feel the hinge-fold?

You will not feel the hinge-fold if your mattress has a hinge design.

Do you offer custom bedding?

Yes we do. We can help you with sheets and mattress protectors made to fit your mattress perfectly.