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3D Ultrasound 

Three dimensional (3D) and four dimensional (4D) imaging ultrasound are relatively the  latest  developments in medical sonography.

It allows for image planes which were previously impossible to be seen with 2D imaging to be accomplished

The  images are acquired, digitally stored as ultrasound volume data, reformatted, post processed,  reconstructed and displayed as a 3D image.

Four dimensional (4D) imaging is a dynamic study of the anatomy being examined.

This technique is often used in obstetrics imaging. While 2D imagine is used to assess the growth and  fetal well being.    3D and 4D scans are used to for viewing the fetal surface structures and in some cases used as entertainment or keep sake ultrasound.

Couple at 3D Ultrasound Appointment.jpg

These examination are performed by skilled personnel and should not replace the medically indicated examination.

Since the data can be archived digitally, it can be sent to other workstations for further consultations via network.

Other uses of 3 and 4D imaging:

  • Cardio vascular,  cardiac anatomy, septal defects, blood flow, aneurysms

  • Abdomen – liver masses, gall bladder

  • Gynecology – uterus (fibroids, location of intra uterine conceptive device), ectopic pregnancy., endometrial polyps.

  • Ultrasound guided interventional procedures eg; biopsy procedures.

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