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The future of radiology is here.


What does PACS stand for?




What is PACS?

PACS is basically a series of computers that allow rapid transfer of information between the referring physician ordering a radiological procedure, registration of the patient’s information at Imaging and Ultrasound Inc, the radiographer/Radiologist who physically performs the examination (X-ray, Ultrasound, mammogram), the radiologist who reviews and reports the study, the typist who then types the Radiologists interpretation and then the ability to fax, email or review the images and reports by the referring physician directly.

What’s so special about PACS?

PACS greatly simplifies the flow of information required to produce images and reports. Computers have replaced many of the old elements in the radiology department and the need for film jackets, film sheets, film processor and chemicals have been replaced with CD’s  and computer software. This also eliminates the “lost” film or report scenario as all the information is stored and can be retrieved digitally.

PACS allows examinations in X-ray, ultrasound and mammography to be instantly sent to the radiologist’s computer, so that interpretation can begin only minutes after the exam is completed. PACS also allows the radiologist to instantly access prior radiology examinations results and images (so that comparisons can be made, if needed). PACS lets the radiologist “dictate” the results straight into a computer, and become instantly available to the typist via their computer, even if the radiologist and typist are miles apart.

Most impressively Imaging and Ultrasound Inc has offered our PACS system directly to the referring physicians so they can access their own patient’s radiology examinations and reports within minutes of the study being completed. We are at present the only imaging facility in Barbados that has this capability.
PACS also alleviates the burden on patients of carrying bulky X-ray film or returning for reports and films to take to their referring doctor or health care provider.

With the help of PACS, patient care becomes more expedient and with more efficient communication, medical care is improved at all levels.

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